It’s Slab Time!

If you’ve come to this website you’re looking to a site which delivers down to earth slab about businesses.

It’s the latest news you can think of… and no business is too big or too small.

We’ll review fortune 500 companies like Apple, Microsoft, Ernest and Young down to your local cornerstore.


Because we believe that the internet has broken down the barrieres and has enabled small business to finally compete with the big dogs!

That’s right so the slab is going to get delivered for all kinds of business no matter how big or small they are… no matter what country they operate in or what industry they are part of.

This is a no hold back forum where you can share anything you’d like… any experiences with any business. Simply send your details to etry (at_ – we’ll then have a look at the review and if we see it worthy we’ll post it on this site.

PLEASE NOTE: We will not post pure advertisements for business. We want to uphold the quality of this site. So pure marketing and advertisement driven reviews will be rejected.

However if you’ve had a genuinely good experience or a bad experience with a business don’t hesitate. Simply send it in right away and you might be our next lucky poster.

So get reviewing now and we’ll talk soon.

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